Corporate Responsibility

ECCO Outsourcing has a CSR policy, which functions as a self-regulating mechanism whereby our business monitors and ensures active compliance with the international norms and ethical standards. Our goal is to embrace conscientiousness for our actions while encouraging business development and community growth. The inclusion of public interest into our corporate decision-making is the key to our future success.

Our intention here is to align our business approach with sustainability management in order to enhance our value offerings for all stakeholders. We believe sustainability management will help us tackle the full scope of risks and opportunities facing our industry such as climate change, environmental and social screening as well as service and product innovations.

Our success is not only well balanced in monetary terms as we also measure our corporations’ impact on the community, our customers and the environment.

We’d Rather Pay the Fare than Pay the Price

We bring our corporate social responsibility vision to our core business by dedicating a part of our resources towards society and people. We provide our services free of charge to charitable foundations.

We extend our efforts to address a larger proportion of the society by providing employment opportunities to qualified individuals with special needs and/or conditions to work in the field of Customer Services Operations and Call Center.

We are currently working on developing the required technology and work processes to launch the “Contact Center Home-based Agent” at ECCO in the very near future. Our sourcing functions are coordinating with specialized institutions in hiring needed calibers matching capabilities to business requirements.

Our future plan involves introducing a wide range of non-voice transactions like live chat and data entry as a supplement to the “Home-based Agent” Program to increase employment opportunities to individuals with special needs/ conditions taking into account their needs and capabilities.

 The Green Spot

We are concerned with the environment as much as we are concerned with people. We believe that people can perform better in an environment that has cleaner air, free of chemicals food and less waste products.

We believe that businesses have a huge role to play in challenging and changing the way we think about waste.

At ECCO, we do our share in turning discarded products such as plastics and food waste into new plastic bottles and energy.

We have 2500+ employees engaged in the real story of waste, recycling and reuse and who contribute to the community by being positive active recycling members.