Certification & Best Practice


We are keen to build and maintain a foundation of high performance throughout our organization by successfully adopting and reinforcing world-class certifications’ standards. We meet our performance objectives with optimum quality and a smart budget by adopting the standards and adhering to the guidelines of Customer Operations Performance Center Inc. - COPC across our organization. We are proud to be a COPC certified company since the year 2009. The COPC® Performance Management System is a set of management practices, key metrics and training for customer-centric service operations designed to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce costs. For more info, please visit: http://www.copc.com/


We ensure delivering a service that meets our business, customer and user demands. Our ITIL certified team implements the standards within IT functions to secure a high availability, dependability, security and performance of IT services within our organization and service deliverables. ITIL is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world. It provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business. For more info, please visit: http://www.itil-officialsite.com/