Voice Transactions:

Inbound Services

Customer service

The business environment of today is becoming more and more customer-oriented. We are proud to have the skills a business needs to communicate professionalism, enhance customer relationships and secure a competitive advantage through our excellent customer service experience

Technical support

Downtimes, technical failures or a damage of any assort are the biggest concerns of any user, operator or service provider. We ensure effective and fast support to bring back efficient operation at minimum downtime.

Order Management

Our order management system facilitates orders taking through live representatives, who is used in various industries for order entry and processing.

Outbound Services

Customer Survey

Provides clients with the feedback needed from the market by surveying a sample of their customers to generate the required information.

Data validation

Today’s world revolves around having the right data at the right time. Reducing time and resources, by providing data quality excellence is our competency. Our highly trained personnel have the expertise to increase conversion and improve overall operations.


It is all about effective communication. We continuously explore and adopt best practice telephony sales skills and processes. Our well-trained personnel offer advice and recommendations in a highly compliant and effective manner. We work to gain agreement and maximize commitment.


We got the talents to gauge customer's level of interest in different products or services. Our seamless operation creates an immediate rapport with customers, generate leads and appointments, reach more customers than with in-person sales calls and achieve measurable results.

Human Resources Outsourcing

Recruitment The job market sets higher expectation every day. We pride ourselves in our competency to source a diverse mix of talented and dedicated people for any profession. Payroll We attend to individual needs. Our specialists’ skills drive down costs and improve efficiency. Our professional and friendly service is of the highest standard, ensuring strong and ethical business partnership. Training We provide our people with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional service and contribute to the efficiency and well-being of our industry. Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) projects BOT is one of ECCO Outsourcing services that can be provided among large scaled contact center projects. ECCO has built a contact center for companies that would like to manage their own contact center operations. In this framework, ECCO Outsourcing team would run the operation for a specific period of time during the initial stage until all metrics are stabilized. After the pilot phase is over, our clients are able to manage and operate their own call center efficiently.

Non-Voice Transactions

Social Media Management

We enable our customers to have develop and implement social media strategies and unleash the power of social media by applying our expertise and customer experience know-how to the Social Media environment, building customer loyalty and advocacy for our clients.

ECCO's Social Media solutions enable our clients a closer look by viewing real time information shared, posted, commented, and discussion by consumers on their fan pages.

SMS Campaigns

Our call center services operate SMS software that generates SMS messages. Mobile phone advertisements have already become an extremely powerful method for branding. SMS advertising can be used for sending redeemable coupons as well as vouchers to help boost sales and so much more.

Web Chat services

We provide live web chat support for our clients. ECCO Outsourcing enables its clients and their end-users to leverage traditional voice, e-mail along with emerging Internet contact center services in order to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and profitability with optimized performance.